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About Us

We are a small Australian-owned business, dedicated to quality skincare products for your skin, body and mind. 

How it all started?

Hi, I'm Jenny the one behind all of Amora Lab Co, I am excited to bring you all amazing, quality products that contain more natural ingredients and less unnecessary chemicals and still have all the wonderful benefits and quality as other products on the market.

I personally have sensitive skin, especially when it comes to winter. I have tried so many products but they either make me break out or irritate my skin more, so I finally decided to come out with my own line of skincare products. I am excited for everyone to try these products and start glowing today.

After a long day at work, I just want to come home and spend quality time with my family but I use to have over 7 products just for my skincare routine and it just felt unnecessary. I wanted something simple, more natural, and effective that shows results.

We aim to make our products in Australia using high-quality ingredients and in small batches so you will always get quality and fresh products straight from the source. We strongly believe in cruelty-free products and products using more natural ingredients and less harmful chemicals.

We hope you love these products as much as I do. Please send us some feedback, reviews, questions, or any concerns you may have. We can't wait for you to use our products and see the results.

Find your glow today!